Le Calandre

Rubano · Restoran
Avtorskaya, Italyanskaya, Sredizemnomorskaya, Vegetarianskaya, Vinnyy bar
Massimiliano Alazhmo

The restaurant is located in the city of Rubano, 50 km from Venice, and is one of eight in Italy that are awarded three Michelin stars.

Everything here, from wooden tables to glass tableware, is handmade by the best Italian craftsmen.

The chef of the restaurant was awarded the title of “Mozart of Cookery” for his skills and mastery. When compiling recipes, he is guided only by his imagination. Here you can enjoy unusual dishes such as saffron risotto with licorice and cappuccino from black cuttlefish .

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Romanticheskaya atmosfera


Via Liguria, 1, 35030 Rubano PD, Italy1.93km from the center
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